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AIO Mobile Ready

We have Released Mobile Apps for Android & iOS. Feel free to give it a try. iOS Version still Beta, so you have to download it via TestFlight.
Download iOS Download Android

Black Desert Bots & Tools

We have Released Black Desert Grinding Bot & Utility Tool, so you can basicly auto grind 24/7 with scripts that the feature of Grinding Bot, you can even create your own Scripts for own rotations About Utility Tool, you can increase stats like: Attack Speed 100x - 1000x, movement speed, fly hack, inventory Height,mount speed & Turn hack and So on, Give it a Try with Trial Version :)
Grind Bot Utility Tool Grind Bot Utility Tool

Apex Legend Aim Bot - Tool

Apex Legend God of War About Apex GOW God of War is an old PUBG hack back in 1 year. Our develop team is very skilled in fps games, besides PUBG, we have made R6 hack, fortnite hack, H1Z1 etc. The quality of our new Apex Legend Hack is definitely a S++. The product is internal, supports all resolution and casts 0 fps drops. The GUI of the product is very user friendly and easy to set up. we update the product very fast and use cloud update to save customer's time. Most importantly, we have buildin HWID sproofer which ensure each customer's safety
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    AIO on Android & iOS Ready!

    Official Mobile Apps, Released.

    ოფიციალური მობაილ აპლიკაციები გაიშვა.



    Hello Dear users, we have released Mobile Version Applications for AIO, feel free to give it a try and hit 5 star if you like it.

    About iOS Users, we are not Officially on Apple Store yet but soon we will be, so we made self installation App for it. just click on logo and download.



    მოგესალმებით მეგობრებო, აიოს მობაილ ვერსია ოფიციალურად გაიშვა, გთხოვთ ცადოთ მათი გადმოწერა და გამოყენება და არ დაგავიწყდეთ 5 ვარსკვლავი თუ დაიმსახურებს : ).

    რაც შეეხება აიოესის მომხმარებლებს, ჯერ Apple სთორზე არ ვართ მაგრამ მალე ვიქნებით, მანამდე ლოგოს დააჭირეთ და ჩვენი საინსტალაციოთი დააინსტალირებთ.

    Get for iOSGet on Google Play Store

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    Shit service for a shit Bot, Everyone stay away from this one.
    Hello, I have downloaded the initial bot and have it running in game, are there pre-made scripts i can download for classes I have in BDO or do I need to create my own, also are there pre-made pathing scripts? Lastly where is the link to join your discord?
    SCHS.lua 方便幫我看一下嗎 我的不能施放技能  
    --Input APIs  按键API-- Action_W Action_A Action_S Action_D Action_Q Action_E Action_T Action_F Action_Z Action_X Action_C Action_V Action_Space            --空格 Action_Tab Action_Shift Action_LMB            --Left Mouse Button (鼠标左键) Action_RMB            --Right Mouse Button (鼠标右键)     --Command APIs 指令API-- GetHpPrc()    -- get current HP percentage, it will return integer from 0-100, eg: 50%hp it returns 50 --获取当前HP百分比,运行后会返回一个0-100的整数,例子
    Hello signed / dcane Hello Evening Star,   with my grind+trade sviplvl 3 key, i get the error message "login fail. contact administrator". can you please look at this issue. i pmed you ( dcane ) couple of times at discord about it and no answer so far 😕 ( since 13.05.19 ) and sadly no answer to my support ticket from 25.05.19 either. guess you were / are busy with the grind bot update.   at discord iam marked as sviplvl3, but if you need anything more as a
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