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  3. 为什么我PayPal一直显示无法付款呀


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  5. QQ群進不去,直接買該網站的AIO,台服可以用嗎?
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  7. 嘿~朋友为也想买台服的AIO,你有成功进群吗?

  8. 🙂您好,我想购买台服的AIO,加了3天群没人管我,您方便的时候可以让我通过一下吗?我的QQ:2541938016

  9. Hi, does this support all grind spots and auto sell etc?
    Also does it support NInja succession?

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  13. Can someone help me, the same problem is happening to me, the game closes when it starts, help me
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  15. 可以拉我入群嗎


  16. 哈摟 請問一下  這軟體該如何購買?


    1. 王啟銘


      我也在找方法呢 但是我目前有問到了

  17. I reinstalled the bot multiple times, it worked a couple of times but then it just breaks and now i haven't even been able to get it to work at all. None of the loot filter options seem to work either, randomize, random lootin etc. Using Velia Beach profile which worked a couple of times. settings:
  18. 下載後 顯示為LUA檔 無法開啟

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  21. 你的程序在韩国服务器上也可以使用吗?

    It Keeps Crashing every time i put the serial.!
  22. Hi Evening Star


    I can't seem to get the scripts to load in the menu. I'm not sure what i'm doing wrong. Every time I press reload script nothing comes up.

    1. lo l

      lo l

      same as you

      did you fixed up?

    if i wanted to use it in the sausans spot, this bot have the auto exchange? And instant loot?
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