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  5. hello, how to used the bot on TW BDO?

  6. it is work aio black desert korea server??

  7. Earlier
  8. Shit service for a shit Bot, Everyone stay away from this one.
  9. why not working bro ?
  10. Hello, I have downloaded the initial bot and have it running in game, are there pre-made scripts i can download for classes I have in BDO or do I need to create my own, also are there pre-made pathing scripts? Lastly where is the link to join your discord?
  11. --Input APIs 按键API-- Action_W Action_A Action_S Action_D Action_Q Action_E Action_T Action_F Action_Z Action_X Action_C Action_V Action_Space --空格 Action_Tab Action_Shift Action_LMB --Left Mouse Button (鼠标左键) Action_RMB --Right Mouse Button (鼠标右键) --Command APIs 指令API-- GetHpPrc() -- get current HP percentage, it will return integer from 0-100, eg: 50%hp it returns 50 --获取当前HP百分比,运行后会返回一个0-100的整数,例子:50% 血量则会返回50. GetMpPrc() -- get current MP percentage, it will return integer from 0-100, eg: 50%mp it returns 50 --获取当前MP百分比,运行后会返回一个0-100的整数,例子:50% 蓝量则会返回50. QuickSlot(a) -- use quickslot, a is the quickslot number. --使用快捷键,参数a为快捷键的号码 ComboUntilSkill(key1,key2,delay,ActionName) -- when character's action name isn't ActionName(string), do input key1 and key2 after delay(ms), --当角色的动作名字不为ActionName(字符串)时,等待delay(毫秒) 输入key1与key2 CheckAction(ActionName) -- Check if the current action name partially match ActionName(string), if yes return true, else return false. --(检查当前角色名字是否部分与ActionName(字符串)匹配,如果是则返回true,否则返回false(此处为模糊匹配,真假判断)) Reset() --Everytime after do combo, need to run it --每次进行连招后都要跑一次 --Bot State-- Bot.Action -- for pathing(寻路状态时) Bot.Skill -- for combat(刷怪时) tutorial for making your own combat profile:
  12. Hello signed / dcane Hello Evening Star, with my grind+trade sviplvl 3 key, i get the error message "login fail. contact administrator". can you please look at this issue. i pmed you ( dcane ) couple of times at discord about it and no answer so far ( since 13.05.19 ) and sadly no answer to my support ticket from 25.05.19 either. guess you were / are busy with the grind bot update. at discord iam marked as sviplvl3, but if you need anything more as a proof, please just tell me. please unlock, activate or repair my lifetime key. ( atleast not working since 13.05.19 ) thanks in advance best regards cedi
  13. DISCORD : Unicorn#6107 video :
  14. Hey, I bought the grinding buddy it seems that my license key doesent work


    1. Dcane420


      did you bought the AIO.BDO? grinding buddy is a paid add on in AIO.BDO. you would need both to work.

  15. Version 0.96b


    How to install: put the rar file into C:\AIO\BDO\Scripts, right click it and extract it in the current folder replace all existing files if there is one. :

    From $3.99

  16. No, it does not work and they write that they will not support it.
  17. Shura


    Hi i want to join the discord , i want to use my main discord but i cant change to it if you can help please
  18. In my LoL folder there is no\deploy can you attach that file with the hotfix?
  19. I tried it, If you are using awakening weapon while u get stuned the reset causes you to switch to normal weapon, and it would me more usefull for pve if the delay was smaller. Cool script tough
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  24. Version 1.0.1


    How to use: 1.Extract it into C:\AIO\BDO\Scripts 2. in AIO.BDO, run the add on: 3. Login with the your license key you have purchased: 4 After Login success, features will shows up. could use the experiment feature to test:


  25. Make sure u use same account on website too
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