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  5. Im playing in SEA server and my launcher version is 312602. I followed the steps indicated in the download page. Copy and paste the provided BlackDesert64.exe to BDO Folder/bin64. Copy and paste VServerGroup.vnc to BDO Folder/bin64. BDO is crashing after a minute or so. Icons cannot be clicked also even after entering KEY in LOGIN box. Please guide me as to how I can make this program run smoothly.
  6. hallo, ich schreibe es auf deutsch, hab da ein paar fragen, wenn ich an einen spot farmen auf offiziellen server EU, muss ich da an regeln halten oder so ? oder so einstellen das man es nicht sehen kann das ich botte ? ,,, oder wodrauf muss man achten ? wie hoch ist die sicherheit das man nicht gebannt wird ? mfg andreas
  7. Hello, @Dcane420 Mount/ Speed turn is still not working. Specialy on horse. EU. It works 5 sec. when you step on horse and then speed turns to normal. On boat you can not change speed back to normal etc. Please fix it. Thanks
  8. Project will expire in 1 month and 11 days

    LTD Vake Fundraising for more ltdvake.info
  9. I've reported this issue 3-4 times over the last 6 months. Good luck on getting it fixed. The bot will not store or sell item counts over 9999. Bot would be much better with this feature.
  10. Hi, my version bdo is 312602, рow soon will there be an update or is there another way to restore performance?
  11. @Evening Star Yesterday @Dcane420 send me a message via discord, saying that mount speed/ turn is allready fixed. For me its still not working. I dont know if iam doing something wrong. Can you tell me the current status?
  12. чит не работает после обновления


  13. Earlier
  14. game crashes when using NOCD in shadow arena plz fix it would be really good thanks.
  15. Nika Zirakashvili


  16. ტესტ დექსრიფშენი
  17. nikusha90

    Test nikusha

    Version 1.0.0


    Test File do not purchase


    After lua will be flawless!!🥳🥳🥳
  18. I didn't believe it was going to work  but after testing for 5 mins i was stunned and then i decided to try really using it like it shadow arena for example but the hack didn't work anymore and when it put the trial code it always says like num <0> on the hack then the game and the hack close by itself any help ? i am playing on Thailand server

    1. Evening Star

      Evening Star

      make report in forum with Topic

  19. As much as u want, just make sure ur using in safe place or hiding ur name for avoid manual report by other players
  20. how much i can rise ataksped/cast spedd and animation ? on old toll and on new one
  21. Raffle Winners Evening Star A I O 67 Joined in Raffle 18 hours ago Tickets 2 Odds 100% Joined November 30, 2018 Content Count 153 Details from Prize 1 Find Content  
  22. View this raffle Buchos raffle Test raffle Submitter Levan Bucho Butskhrikidze Expiration Date 18 hours and 15 minutes Submitted 02/03/2019 Category Users Raffle  
  23. Type: Raffle


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    Test raffle
  24. Project will expire in 8 days and 14 hours

    Buchos Crowdfund
  25. its off atm, once we find new solution for it, we will re enable it.
  26. Test test
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