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AIO Grinding buddy 1.75

From $3.99

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About This File



How to install:

put the rar file into C:\AIO\BDO\Scripts, right click it and extract it in the current folder

replace all existing files if there is one.




How to use Grinding buddy:
profile record tutorial download:


What's New in Version 1.75   See changelog


change log 1.75:

fixed Vendor fail selling bug


change log 1.74:

fixed DK ACR random run error

fixed Vendor sell item bug,

log 1.72:

fixed a bug in 1.71 and 1.70 that may cause detection.

please stop using 1.70 and 1.71, update to this 1.72 version.


change log 1.71:

now force stop bot if GM detected.

implemented force close game if die feature, could turn on/off in Grinding setting.

implemented Marketplace storage feature. you need to add whatever you wanna save in marketplace list under inventory management tab, you also need to add marketplace when recording 


must use 1010 version AIO.BDO above.



change log 1.67:

optimized Sorc ACR(优化魔女ACR逻辑)

support Musa ACR(支持武士ACR逻辑)

support Tamer ACR(支持驯兽师ACR逻辑)



change log 1.65:

optimized Sorc ACR. now support charging skill

reworked player detection logic.now it will react smartly.

priority of the action will be make when player detection condition meet:

dodge BA(if possible)>swap channel(if possible)> swap grinding spot.

implemented GM sound Altert feature. you could read the txt document in the rar file to learn how to use this feature.


notice that in order to have these feature works properly you must update AIO.BDO to version 0906.


change log 1.57:

fixed randomly fail to path bug

delete junk code

from now on grinding buddy will not content libs. please always use it with newest AIO.BDO scripting platform.

support ACR Ranger / ACR Ranger pro scripts now.


change log 1.56b:

fixed ACR GUI bug


change log 1.60:

add support for Archer ACR.

reworked player detection logic.

now it is fully smart.

it will react as following priority when player detection condition meet:

dodge BA(if possible)>swap channel(if possible)>swap grinding spot. 





change log 1.56:

memory usuage optimized

fixed fail to storage bug



change log 1.55b:

now support for current all ACR scripts.

optimized walk looting. now it could be more human liked.

optimized memory usage.



change log 1.50:
1. Implemented try to loot after grinding feature.

  method 1, always walk to loot

  method 2, teleport to loot if no player around, otherwise walk to loot.

could modify this option under grinding setting tab.


2. GUI Optimized, now both vendor and storage setting merged in Item Management tab.

you could select which menu to display and add/remove/clear items in it.


3. Implemented auto throw away item feature. could toggle this feature in item management. you need to add the item you wanna throw into the throw away list.


4. now support ACR -Lahn and ACR- Ninja script(ACR scripts are paid script. could buy in store and download in download section.). will support more class soon.


change log 1.36:

optimize code

implemented path accurate option under path setting. could solve some side step problem.

implemented support for ACR (Advance Combat routine) script.



change log 1.35:

fixed the fail to pause bot bug from 1.31.

implemented auto decide the shorter way to restock when triggers restock condition in middle of the pathing.



change log 1.31:

implemented teleport grind when no player detected. in order to use this feature you must enable player detection swap spot. detection range be 70meter(it is the visiable range to other players.)




2. Implemented player detection whitelist.


3.fixed mob black list bug.


4. Implemented auto use fly teleport to bypass if 2 way points has huge height difference.


5. Implemented Auto buy and turn in Marni stone. you could now add Marni vendor when recording pathing profile. 

at Marni stone setting, could set how many turn in you wanna do and which marn stone to buy.
about Marni Stone buy index, it orders like this:



change log 1.0:
fixed player detection's crash problem.

now player detection works well.


change log 0.99c:

Implemented Display Grind EXP Gain in screen.

Implemented Auto pause bot after (Mins) Grinding, and Auto resume Grinding after random (Mins) to make your AFK more human liked.

the above changes could be modify in Grinding setting.

Implemented Auto Consume Feature.

for tutorial please watch here:


fixed Memory leak problem.

change log 0.98:
implemented Auto Apply Black Sprit exp buff feature.

implemented Auto Use Emergency Escape at certain HP%.

could modify above features in Girnding settings.

chang log 0.96b:

fixed restock bug.


chang log 0.95:
Implemented Kill mob if get blocked by them

Implemented Customizable combat script support.

Implemented swap spot feature in player detection. it will give up the current spot and go to next grind spot if the condition meet.

API could be found in forum documentation class.

Player detection bug fixed. now the option will not take effect during restock.








chang log 0.85:
fixed sell/save item bug.

added hotkey Alt+S to start/stop bot at anytime.

fixed someother bug.

enchanted performance.






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Is this still working? It works on gahaz?

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if i wanted to use it in the sausans spot, this bot have the auto exchange? And instant loot?

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