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Apex Shining User tutorial

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Step 1. Extract the tool to whereever you want.

for win7 users, run the AERO as admin 1 time.  win8,  win10 users could ignore this part


now add the Apex Shinning.exe to your anti virus software white list, or just turn off your anti virus software.


Step 2. Run Apex Shinning as admin, input your license key and press 一键登录 to login:


If you getting STATUS_CODE??!0  error or 登陆出错 or WinHttpSendRequest blabla error


Please follow the tutorial:

If you getting this "软件公告“ ”window pop up , means successfully Connected to our cloud server:



Now click "一键登录" to login:


Wait couple sec, tool will auto download cloud update, during the download the tool window may freeze, dont close it just wait it until done.



after login, wait couple sec,  the following window will pops up, click ok to confirm



if it doesnt shows the link timed out window, please run the DNS Flusher:





Step 3. Now launch game. Bot will automatically shows menu after get into game:

could change language by select it at LANG option.

In chinese language you could see the hotkey to toggle/untoggle each features.


the english itself pretty much explained what the feature does.


DownAimBot: toggle it to aim player who gets knock downed.


Lowitems: toggle to esp diaplay low level item parts.


Highitems: toggle to esp diaplay high level item parts.


there are couple option in aimkey:

0314 version implemented Speed hack feature:
Toggle Accelerate, set Player Velocity to max.

In game, Hold Caps key to turn on speed hack,  release Caps to turn off speed hack.

Speed hack demo:




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