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[Tutorial] How to set up Consumables in AIO Grinding buddy

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Step1: Login Grinding buddy, click Consumable:


Step2: Consumable window will pop up:


in Condition Setting, set up Item>>Condition>>Status

in the picture example: bot will auto use purified water when the debuff 'Heatstroke' Exist.


Condition could be added from either Buff/Debuff selection:



or in Condition setting:






for ' HP% and MP% less than 'condition, you cant set Exist/Not Exist as Status, they both are for buff/debuff only.




In the picture example below:

Bot will auto use 'Instant HP Potion' when HP% < 70%.

Remember each item row only be used under its row's condition and status.



After set up Condition setting, it will take effect when Start Grinding. you could then close the menu:






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