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BDO Framework 2.0 lua scripting Guide(Market sniper)

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in BDO Framework 2.0 v0126, we implemented lua scripting.
now anyone with lua scripting experience will be able to code your own lua and execute in BDO.


here is a simple example how to make it works to market snipe items.


First of all, download the test.lua from attachment, put it in the BDO Tool folder:


Second, after login the BDO Tool in game, click Hack> Speed Hack > Test



now go to the Market place NPC, Manually talk to the NPC and get in to this screen:

now Click Beginlua 1 time, nothing will happened, click Stoplua 1 time.
and then click Beginlua again, it will now start working:

you could click StopLua at any time to stop the script.



Modify the lua script:

use whatever editor you want, i recommand using LuaEditor.

Open the test.lua:

the pos parameter here represents the button number from the market place list:


about Item ID you could find it from BDO Data Base:

so the test script here it is trying to buy button 0-3, single item copper ore(4003) and button 0, max item Iron ore(4001) 

notice that the StopScript() function here is binded to the Stopscript button in our framework, so  in order to make the script stop able, you must add that in the while loop, otherwise the script wont be able to stop running.



some montage:





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