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  5. Version 0.7


    How to install: put the rar file into C:\AIO\BDO\Scripts, right click it and extract it in the current folder replace all existing files if there is one. :


  6. No, it does not work and they write that they will not support it.
  7. Shura


    Hi i want to join the discord , i want to use my main discord but i cant change to it if you can help please
  8. Earlier
  9. In my LoL folder there is no\deploy can you attach that file with the hotfix?
  10. I tried it, If you are using awakening weapon while u get stuned the reset causes you to switch to normal weapon, and it would me more usefull for pve if the delay was smaller. Cool script tough
  11. Platinum


  12. Gold


  13. Silver


  14. Bronze


  15. Version 1.0.1


    How to use: 1.Extract it into C:\AIO\BDO\Scripts 2. in AIO.BDO, run the add on: 3. Login with the your license key you have purchased: 4 After Login success, features will shows up. could use the experiment feature to test:


  16. Make sure u use same account on website too
  17. How to record fishing profile: 1 Open Profile editor,set up waypoint distance(default is 3),begin Record 2 set up fishing rotate and start spot fishing rotate must behind fishing start spot in order to make sure your character facing ocean when you go from rotate>>start fishing 3, go to trader/repiar, add spot with Npc name, spot muct be very close to Npc. 4 save profile, load the saved profile from profile select.could click start and begin botting. could test it if you want. could disable draw fishing rod at slot 9, main hand weapon at 0
  18. Notice that this is a virtual goods for Gaming Tools, you must agree the terms&conditions policy which contents certain policy about Gaming Tools Usage& Terms.

    for the term of service could refer to here:https://aio.plus/terms/


    Notice this add on is a life time fee purchase, after purchase it will be not refundable.


    CC Remover


    The add on is mainly designed for Pvper,

    it could be very helpful during PVP or siege War.



    Multiple ways to remove CC

    Humanize setting






  19. Qqqqqqqq

    Discord INVITE

    I want to join with my other account as I don't know the credentials to that one.
  20. Qqqqqqqq

    Discord INVITE

    Can i please get another invite to discord, I forgot the account i joined with.
  21. hello .. is there a hack for proccess time ? like gathering and cooking


  22. Is there a reason it's currently out of stock? Im trying to purchase again due to no monthly passes and only daily.
  23. Gar3na utilizes different patch than NA. Which is probably why it doesn't work there.
  24. Hi fellas, How to use toirplus in garena?.. I tried most of the methods but it seems nothing happened. I tried here in NA it works but not in garena. please help anyone? Thank you!
    I cannot even use the spoofer since I kept putting my key and some chinese word comes out that I cannot even undestand. Idk whats wrong with the key but man im disappointed i only have 24 hrs to use this and i cant even use it
  25. Bugaboo#0580

  26. Vampyr

    Apex BigBoss

    Hey, I'm trying to buy more time for Apex Big Boss but it says out of stock?? Why is it out of stock, my friend is using it just fine. Regards, Vamp
  27. 你好 我有一筆自動扣款 可是為甚麼沒有序號跟 下載網址 可以幫我查?


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