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    Version 0516a 323890


    Before you download please spend 1 min read the set up tutorial below!!!! How to use install and use AIO.BDO: Step1 Install the installer after download it. you dont have to install AIO.BDO to default folder C:\AIO, but you have to put all the scripts file to C:\AIO\BDO\Scripts like this: you could also run the updater to receive new version of AIO.BDO: Step 2. Launch BDO Game, when game is still loading, before BDO actual window shows up, run AIO.BDO loader as admin: (you could find the shortcut of AIO.BDO loader in desktop or start menu.) then a black window will pop up, it should disappear in 2~3 sec(Your anti virus software may blocks it, so please either add AIO.BDO to anti virus whitelist or disable your anti virus.AIO.BDO will never contents virus.): Step 3: AIO's menu auto shows up in game. login with your license key: After Login success, you will be able to select add on scripts from Script option to use:

    From $3.99

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    Version 0323


    Please follow the user tutorial packed in the rar file to learn how to sproofer your Hardward information

    From $8.00

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    Version 0421 1.19


    This is the software Apex Thanos. extraction password is: aio.plus


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    PM sent, did not receive anything yet
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    Version 0416


    the file already has user tutorial. please follow before you use.


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    Version 0509 323261


    Trial Key: {D9BA35E8-8DCA-4B14-B7B0-75720F71262E} How to use: Step 1 Download the Tool, extract.Copy the VServerGroup.vnc file from Tool Folder to BDO folder >> bin64 folder. Step 2 Open Loader as Admin, one the loader pops up, lauch game. if loader window will auto disapper means Tool Loaded into game. in Game, press Insert key to callout the tool menu, input your license key on bottom and click login to activate the tool.


  7. -1 points
    I cannot even use the spoofer since I kept putting my key and some chinese word comes out that I cannot even undestand. Idk whats wrong with the key but man im disappointed i only have 24 hrs to use this and i cant even use it
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