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    Version 0603


    Before you download please spend 1 min read the set up tutorial below!!!! Step 1. Launch BDO Game, when game is still loading, before BDO actual window shows up, run loader as admin: Your anti virus software may blocks it, so please either add to anti virus whitelist or disable your anti virus. Step 2: AIO's menu auto shows up in game. login with your license key: After Login success, you will be able to select add on scripts from Script option to use:

    From $3.99

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    Version 0416


    the file already has user tutorial. please follow before you use.


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    Game Keeps Crashing When Char entering the game.Think it needs and update Current Version 355158
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    Hi Evening Star I can't seem to get the scripts to load in the menu. I'm not sure what i'm doing wrong. Every time I press reload script nothing comes up.
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    很 出bug了 今晚更新我修复下
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    It's been 1 hour already and still pending!!
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    I want to join with my other account as I don't know the credentials to that one.
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    PM sent, did not receive anything yet
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