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    Version 0523 234651


    Notice For ppl who's client isnt 324651, please download the BlackDesert64.exe and put it into your BDO Game folder>> bin64 folder, replace the existing one with it. otherwise it wont work. Before you download please spend 1 min read the set up tutorial below!!!! How to use install and use AIO.BDO: Step1 Install the installer after download it. you dont have to install AIO.BDO to default folder C:\AIO, but you have to put all the scripts file to C:\AIO\BDO\Scripts like this: you could also run the updater to receive new version of AIO.BDO: Step 2. Launch BDO Game, when game is still loading, before BDO actual window shows up, run AIO.BDO loader as admin: (you could find the shortcut of AIO.BDO loader in desktop or start menu.) then a black window will pop up, it should disappear in 2~3 sec(Your anti virus software may blocks it, so please either add AIO.BDO to anti virus whitelist or disable your anti virus.AIO.BDO will never contents virus.): Step 3: AIO's menu auto shows up in game. login with your license key: After Login success, you will be able to select add on scripts from Script option to use:

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