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  1. update when :P?\

  2. in BDO Framework 2.0 v0126, we implemented lua scripting. now anyone with lua scripting experience will be able to code your own lua and execute in BDO. here is a simple example how to make it works to market snipe items. First of all, download the test.lua from attachment, put it in the BDO Tool folder: Second, after login the BDO Tool in game, click Hack> Speed Hack > Test now go to the Market place NPC, Manually talk to the NPC and get in to this screen: now Click Beginlua 1 time, nothing will happened, click Stoplua 1 time. and then click Beginlua again, it will now start working: you could click StopLua at any time to stop the script. Modify the lua script: use whatever editor you want, i recommand using LuaEditor. Open the test.lua: the pos parameter here represents the button number from the market place list: about Item ID you could find it from BDO Data Base: so the test script here it is trying to buy button 0-3, single item copper ore(4003) and button 0, max item Iron ore(4001) notice that the StopScript() function here is binded to the Stopscript button in our framework, so in order to make the script stop able, you must add that in the while loop, otherwise the script wont be able to stop running. some montage: Attachment: test.lua
  3. BDO Grinding Buddy Documentation After Put VServerGroup.vnc file in BDO bin64 folder, run loader as admin, start game, the loader window should auto disappear as it auto inject bot into game.(Notice that you may need to add loader to your anti virus whitelist since it injects in game, some anti virus may consider it as trojan.) After game window shows up, press Insert key to call out bot menu. GUI: Script record: Part1. Pathing There are 3 ways to path your character to xyz in BDO Grinding Buddy. 1st way is by adding PathWalk from command list, The command will add your current xyz as parameter, once you run this command, it is the same as Open World map , set a destination and Press T using BDO auto pathing to walk to it. but as we know BDO Auto Pathing sucks, so PathWWalk usually only be used at the beginning of a grinding script, which indicate the starting location of the Grinding spot. 2nd way of Pathing is by recording script without toggle Walk sign, Once you click BeginRecord, bot will start capture your xyz as you move, use it as parameter for the command MoveTo(x,y,z,Delay). the MoveTo command will make your character Teleport to the xyz and wait delay you set. In the example bot will tp to xyz and wait 300ms until TP to next xyz. You could change waypoint distance to effect how frequent bot capture your xyz. The unit is 1, which is around this distance. Recommanded setting is waypoint distance 5 under delay of 300ms. If your delay sets too low but distance sets too high, you may get port back since sync which leads to fail teleport. 3rd way of pathing is by beginrecord with Walk sign toggled: Once you click BeginRecord, bot will start capture your xyz as you move, use it as parameter for the command PathTo(x,y,z,Delay). the PathTo command will make your character Walk straight from your current xyz towards the xyz beed captured, the delay here is useless so you could set it whatever value. bot will walk straight towards your recorded xyz when using PathTo. PathTo command also has internal timer which is you didnt reach the xyz captured within 3 sec, bot will auto try to use MoveTo instead to Teleport towards it, this is useful in many case to prevent stuck. Once this happened bot will show the 启动瞬移防卡 in input window. Part2 adding Grinding spot after walk/tp to it In order to add grinding spot, you will need to add KillMonster() command at the spot you wanna grind: the KillMonster(x,y,z,Range) command will capture the current xyz of the character and scan circle range to detect mobs, if there are mobs in the range set, bot will start attacking mob with auto attack +spaming quickslot 1-6, if no mob detected, bot will skip the killmonster command and continue run script. Recommended range is 1000 which is around this range: Part 3 Plan your path and Grinding spot, make it be a loop: in input window you will need to type ::Name:: as a mark, which could be used in goto() command to tell the bot which mark to jump to.(You dont need to put exact ::Grind::, you could put whatever name you want) Since bot running script from top to bottom, once at bottom use goto() command will lead bot jump to the mark you want so in this way you could make a loop script. Part4 Begin playerdetection you could add BeginPlayerdetection() command from command list, put it at beginning of the Grinding loop, this will enable player detection for you. At bottom of the bot GUI, you could set detection range and duration: the example here will make bot detection 8000 range(full mini map), if there are player existing more than 0 sec(instantly), bot will dodge into BA for 2 mins and auto port back continue running script. Recommended setting is 2000 range with 5 sec duration if you are using PathTo to path. Part5 Restock(path to restock NPC) at beginning of grinding loop, you could add the following command to check if character is over 90% max weight. if BackCityBoolean() == BackCity goto(::Restock::) if it is over 90% of weight, bot will execute next line command which in this example is goto(::Restock::), this will make bot jump to restock loop. If it is not over 90% weight bot will ignore next line command but start executing from next next line command which will make it ignore jump into restock loop. Restock loop usually could be put after the whole Grinding loop. Usually you will need to add EndPlayerDetection() command at restock mark since usually in town there are players. This command will make bot stop player detection. After that record your PathWalk/PathTo/MoveTo from the weight check location to the restock NPC location. Part5.1 Restock(interact with Npc) There are 2main ways to start interaction with NPC. 1st way is using by adding OpenNpc() command from command list: but in order to have this command working you will need to stand at exact spot where you could press R to interact with the NPC you want. By standing at exact spot you could record a MoveTo to make sure your character is stand at exact location needed. 2nd way is using NameOpenNpc(NPCname) command. This command could open NPC dialog from a short distance: You will need to put exact Npc’S name in the command,in this example, in order to talk to NPC named Erill, you will need to use command NameOpenNpc(Ernill). after open Npc’s dialog, could use SellGoods() command to sell whatever item you added in selladd list, (Use TaskSellGoods() command instead if NPC gives Quest button) use RepairEquip() command to repair gear. (Use TaskRepairEquip() command instead if NPC gives Quest button) you could select item from item select list and press selladd button to add it to sell list. After done sell item and repair, record your path from restock Npc to Storage NPC, interact with NPC and use SaveGoods() command to save whatever item in your saveadd list to storage.(Use TaskSaveGoods() command instead if NPC gives Quest button) in order to save item correctly you must not toggle the auto arrange option in inventory: Part5.2 Restock(path your way backto weight check point) After done restocking, you will need to record your way back to weight check point, and goto(::Grind::) to jump back to Grinding loop mark, this way a full grinding+ restocking script is done.
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  5. check PM, already unlock your key and sent compensate. sry. best regards
  6. we dont support using tent atm. maybe will support it in future but not now.
  7. you need to change your system language to english(US), as well as the format.