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  1. Version 1.0.1


    How to use: 1.Extract it into C:\AIO\BDO\Scripts 2. in AIO.BDO, run the add on: 3. Login with the your license key you have purchased: 4 After Login success, features will shows up. could use the experiment feature to test:


  2. How to record fishing profile: 1 Open Profile editor,set up waypoint distance(default is 3),begin Record 2 set up fishing rotate and start spot fishing rotate must behind fishing start spot in order to make sure your character facing ocean when you go from rotate>>start fishing 3, go to trader/repiar, add spot with Npc name, spot muct be very close to Npc. 4 save profile, load the saved profile from profile select.could click start and begin botting. could test it if you want. could disable draw fishing rod at slot 9, main hand weapon at 0
  3. hello .. is there a hack for proccess time ? like gathering and cooking


  4. 你好 我有一筆自動扣款 可是為甚麼沒有序號跟 下載網址 可以幫我查?


  5. [Hack] BDO Cocaine 1.1 version. Features: Character speed modifer Mount speed modifer(including boat) Animation speed modifer changlog v 1.1: now allow change animation in 0.1 auto disable animation speed hack when player moving, so animation wont cause you have annoying time when try to move. misc bug patched. Download: [Hack] BDO Cocaine.rar How to use: put the rar file in C:\AIO\BDO\Scripts, and extract it in the current folder. cover the existing one. Load it in AIO.BDO.
  6. hello could i have some help please?


    1. Dcane420


      what about it? download is in download section.

  7. Dcane420


    Version 0511


    How to use: Step 1. Open Steam first. extract CMD to whereever you want, make sure you have anti virus off or add CMD to its whitelist. Step2. Run CMD as admin, login with your license key: After login, click start and wait bot finish loading: Once finish loading, this window will auto disappear. Step3.:Launch PUBG game from stea, after get in game, menu will auto shows up, press F10 to swap to english language:


  8. it works. dont know why would you say that shit
  9. bro, please do some reading in site. there is exactly AIO discord link next to chater
  10. of course. you could buy one and try on a dummy account. as long as not manual report, no ban.
  11. Dcane420

    Apex Thanos

    cause you didnt buy license key. why should it be free?
  12. (aio-hwid-spoofer)this spoofer work for ring of elysium (tencent games) anti cheat: tencent ! ??


  13. Version 0514 HotFix


    RAR extraction password is 123 Step1. Make sure you have installed the prerequest software/library. Step2. Run Loader.exe as admin, input license key as id and password format. login. Step3. after login successful, Launch LOL game, start game. bot will auto inject. press shift key to shows menu, How to use:


  14. Dcane420

    Divison 2

    already compensated. please check chat. if i missed yours please sent me site chat as well
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