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  1. Version 1.1


    extract it in AIO folder>>Scripts folder, refresh your script list you will see it.


  2. Step1: Login Grinding buddy, click Consumable: Step2: Consumable window will pop up: in Condition Setting, set up Item>>Condition>>Status in the picture example: bot will auto use purified water when the debuff 'Heatstroke' Exist. Condition could be added from either Buff/Debuff selection: or in Condition setting: for ' HP% and MP% less than 'condition, you cant set Exist/Not Exist as Status, they both are for buff/debuff only. In the picture example below: Bot will auto use 'Instant HP Potion' when HP% < 70%. Remember each item row only be used under its row's condition and status. After set up Condition setting, it will take effect when Start Grinding. you could then close the menu:
  3. Version 1.0.0


    How to install: Extract it into your AIO bot folder>>Scripts Folder. after extracted could delete the rar file. Reload scripts in AIO you will see it.


  4. --Input APIs 按键API-- Action_W Action_A Action_S Action_D Action_Q Action_E Action_T Action_F Action_Z Action_X Action_C Action_V Action_Space --空格 Action_Tab Action_Shift Action_LMB --Left Mouse Button (鼠标左键) Action_RMB --Right Mouse Button (鼠标右键) --Command APIs 指令API-- GetHpPrc() -- get current HP percentage, it will return integer from 0-100, eg: 50%hp it returns 50 --获取当前HP百分比,运行后会返回一个0-100的整数,例子:50% 血量则会返回50. GetMpPrc() -- get current MP percentage, it will return integer from 0-100, eg: 50%mp it returns 50 --获取当前MP百分比,运行后会返回一个0-100的整数,例子:50% 蓝量则会返回50. QuickSlot(a) -- use quickslot, a is the quickslot number. --使用快捷键,参数a为快捷键的号码 ComboUntilSkill(key1,key2,delay,ActionName) -- when character's action name isn't ActionName(string), do input key1 and key2 after delay(ms), --当角色的动作名字不为ActionName(字符串)时,等待delay(毫秒) 输入key1与key2 CheckAction(ActionName) -- Check if the current action name partially match ActionName(string), if yes return true, else return false. --(检查当前角色名字是否部分与ActionName(字符串)匹配,如果是则返回true,否则返回false(此处为模糊匹配,真假判断)) Reset() --Everytime after do combo, need to run it --每次进行连招后都要跑一次 --Bot State-- Bot.Action -- for pathing(寻路状态时) Bot.Skill -- for combat(刷怪时) tutorial for making your own combat profile:
  5. Version 1.35


    How to install: put the rar file into C:\AIO\BDO\Scripts, right click it and extract it in the current folder replace all existing files if there is one. :

    From $3.99

  6. Version 1.0.1


    How to use: 1.Extract it into C:\AIO\BDO\Scripts 2. in AIO.BDO, run the add on: 3. Login with the your license key you have purchased: 4 After Login success, features will shows up. could use the experiment feature to test:


  7. How to record fishing profile: 1 Open Profile editor,set up waypoint distance(default is 3),begin Record 2 set up fishing rotate and start spot fishing rotate must behind fishing start spot in order to make sure your character facing ocean when you go from rotate>>start fishing 3, go to trader/repiar, add spot with Npc name, spot muct be very close to Npc. 4 save profile, load the saved profile from profile select.could click start and begin botting. could test it if you want. could disable draw fishing rod at slot 9, main hand weapon at 0
  8. [Hack] BDO Cocaine 1.1 version. Features: Character speed modifer Mount speed modifer(including boat) Animation speed modifer changlog v 1.1: now allow change animation in 0.1 auto disable animation speed hack when player moving, so animation wont cause you have annoying time when try to move. misc bug patched. Download: [Hack] BDO Cocaine.rar How to use: put the rar file in C:\AIO\BDO\Scripts, and extract it in the current folder. cover the existing one. Load it in AIO.BDO.
  9. it works. dont know why would you say that shit
  10. bro, please do some reading in site. there is exactly AIO discord link next to chater
  11. of course. you could buy one and try on a dummy account. as long as not manual report, no ban.
  12. Version 0720


    RAR extraction password is 123 Step1. Make sure you have installed the prerequest software/library. Step2. Run Loader.exe as admin, input license key as id and password format. login. Step3. after login successful, Launch LOL game, start game. bot will auto inject. press shift key to shows menu, How to use:


  13. Dcane420

    Divison 2

    already compensated. please check chat. if i missed yours please sent me site chat as well
  14. Dcane420

    Divison 2

    already compensated. sent new key to site private chat, please check it out.
  15. Dcane420

    Divison 2

    wait us update it guz. will compensate your lost time
  16. Dcane420

    Divison 2

    did you guz set game as DX12? If yes, of course it wont work. only works on DX11. and game must be in boredless mode or window mode. but now it needs update. please wait.
  17. Dcane420


  18. how do you restock? using NameOpenNpc() or what?
  19. Version 0416


    the file already has user tutorial. please follow before you use.


  20. sry, will look into it.
  21. Dcane420


    already reset trial. try again
  22. check PM, already unlock your key and sent compensate. sry. best regards
  23. we dont support using tent atm. maybe will support it in future but not now.
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