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  1. game crashes when using NOCD in shadow arena plz fix it would be really good thanks.
  2. they are making silver weightless in a patch soon...
  3. latest version of grindbuddy just crashes for me (and its in chinese again)
  4. Thanks for sorting this out, compensation is adequate, appreciated case closed ?
  5. 9days later this still isnt sorted.... @Dcane420 new key please?
  6. record a path around a grind spot, put in kill monster command near every pack. kill monster command spams hotbar abilities 1-6 so put all your spells on bar and it will work.
  7. still unable to log in. been almost a week now. i see there are others having the same issue. can we plz get working keys?
  8. im sorry i dont see it, did you message me on here or email it?
  9. Still unable to login. @Singed420 @Evening Star can u msg me my key to make sure it matches what i have plz. thanks
  10. I use Chrome, downloaded with firefox and the same thing happens. I think its something to do with my license, because last time i saw it quit game like this was when my 1st license expired. can u look into my license key and see whats up? been 2 days now and im feeling bummed out...
  11. As the title says i am unable to use grindbuddy since the AIO migration. i have a grindbuddy key with about 3 weeks left on it. i have the latest version of grindbuddy. 1. i start the loader 2. i start the game - loader injects 3. i get in game and press insert. then i click login and nothing happens. 4. the game force closes after about 10 seconds. under 'manage purchases' there is nothing. PLEASE HELP
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