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  1. Hello, @Dcane420 Mount/ Speed turn is still not working. Specialy on horse. EU. It works 5 sec. when you step on horse and then speed turns to normal. On boat you can not change speed back to normal etc. Please fix it. Thanks
  2. @Evening Star Yesterday @Dcane420 send me a message via discord, saying that mount speed/ turn is allready fixed. For me its still not working. I dont know if iam doing something wrong. Can you tell me the current status?
  3. Hi, i try to get an aswer now via forum cause in discord no one is answering me. Mount Speed und Turn is not working since 4 weeks now. I think the comunity just wants to know if the function is off now or simply when its coming back. Thanks and greetings from EU.
    Attack and Castingspeed are working great. Mountspeed is not working since 2 Updates. Support could be a little better.