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  1. Is it possible to add not only the PayPal method of payment? I saw other methods available for donations.
  2. Ilya

    Gold bars

    Is it possible to buy gold bars with a bot, need to convert my money, because it is too heavy, thanks in advance!
  3. Hi guys, today BDO was updated and after that bot close the game with a fatal error when the fix will be available? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi guys, when a new version of bot - 307628, will be available? Thanks in advance.
  5. Is it possible to repair with a Tent, now when I am using RepairEquip() next to the Tent it throws an error like not a valid player, also is it possible to sell things to Tent, now SellGoods() doesn't work for me as well, thx in advance.
  6. @Singed how coordinates system works in bot? I mean could you explain every parameter for me for example here - PathWalk(144,07,819,38,-71,51,380) , what does every number mean in that function, thx in advance.
  7. @Singed bot still doesn't work properly for me, I recorded run between 2 points enable it, but bot running in south direction anyway, that happens on every spot bot just running in the south direction, is it fine behavior? Don't think so((, any suggestions how can I fix it?
  8. BDOGrind_SA_V0109_305871, but when I switched on BDO_Grind_V0109_305871_EN.rar the error is disappeared, but bot doesn't work properly he is running in opposite side from recorded way.
  9. I have an error in bdo grind bot when I trying to click on last tab I get an error message: "Error creating window device context" how can I fix it?
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