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  1. Can u giv me one more trial if this is possible ? bsc when i test it frist time not working at all ;.;/
  2. trial key not working , game close
  3. Then i can get some trial more time ? for test it ?
  4. Ok my trial is end nothing working, i dont buy it . Thanks
  5. But i try , this hexe sanctuary from dowloand to, and this is not working char do nothing only stay...
  6. Can u help me config it on Team viewer ?
  7. I try to Record my script, When i record my char go to monster, i select kill monster , save script . When i save and ''begin script'' my char go backward, no this way what i record on script and get blocked on textures
  8. I try hexe sanctuary script , i start script 0 movment , when i try record my script my char go no like i record he go back and get bloked on txt
  9. Hello i try to set, bdo girnd bot but he go all time behing no right site, i record, good friend giv me settings, is to not working .
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