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  1. I have the problem that, when I open the game + the scrip, it closes without giving any kind of error. try "re installing, giving in new license, repairing the game, downloading it by other means of download offered by BDO" but nothing is effective. I BUY THE KEY OF 30 DAYS OF THE BOT GRIND, Can any administrator here give me some kind of support / help? 3 days ago I have this problem. @Dcane420
  2. hi guys, ani1 have, script for pilaku and fogans? I will also leave here a script of Sulfur full restock. important to have the villa pass of Dudora Sulfuro.txt
  3. Now another problem that I'm having, since yesterday night, is that by opening BDO + Bdo Grind scrip. the game closes alone. without prior notice. but if I enter "Normal" without BDO Grind scrip, the game does not close. @Dcane420 @Evening Star
  4. Good afternoon. I have a problem with the bot. every time the bot goes to the city to "Repair, Sell and Save" Black desert throws me a "Violation" error, the game does not close, but the screen remains frozen until I click on "ACCEPT " It gives me these three mistakes in a row. By giving it accept 3 times, the game runs its course. if not, it stays frozen. @Dcane420 @Evening Star
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