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  1. @Evening Star Everything works now thx
  2. Well did not expect that to be honest. Mainly mount speed/turn needs to be fixed. NOCDHack was in old one but not in new tool. First of all u need to change this Features list, bcs this looks like scaming ppl. Don't get me wrong but when You are paying for tool with listed features u expect to have them all, but here u don't have it but anyway they are listed. Its not fair treating customer like that
  3. Mount speed and turn don't work, nocdhack function was deleted, only anim speed , gathering, att speed, move speed(character) work
  4. @Evening Star he didn't ...no fix at all, no info at all...
  5. Yes topic title is correct: So we have 6 listed options turned off... great, i feel safer now but u still shout 30 $ for uncomplete Tool. Bring back nocdhack and mont speed&turn or bring back old one untill u complete 2.0 version
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